Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Keep instagram chronological! Lots of our shop in the #plannercommunity depends on Instagram and I would hate for this to be taken away from our community! Please help sign the petition at @theresetgirl ・・・ PLEASE READ and then REPOST: Instagram as we know it is about to change. They recently informed the community that they will be using a new algorithm to determine what you see in your feed from your favorite accounts. This means you no longer see the most current but the most popular, liked or whatever they determine. Please join the growing movement to keep this awesome app just the way it is. Here in the planner community we rely on fresh posts to communicate with each other and we have the numbers to make an impact! Instagram wants to hear feedback so please click the link in my bio to sign a petition that is asking @instagram to #keepinstagramchronological. Let's go planner girls! IF YOU HAVE ISSUES WITH THE LINK, just go to and search "Instagram" and it will pop right up! #keepinstagramchronological #keepinstagramthisway #instagram #iloveinstagram #Regrann

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